3 Barriers To Repairing Your Relationship After Cheating

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“The Great Satan”
Relationship Affairs
Image by Desmond Kavanagh
The Great Satan is what certain Iranians call the United States of America.

I risked my camera to get this shot. In between pairs of soldiers circling the compound, i did a quick fire off of this and a couple other shots of the now legendary murals on the walls of the long abandoned U.S embassy in Tehran, Iran.


You may be aware of what happened here in 1979, it’s certainly not the root of the U.S’ problems with Iran, that’s probably as much their own fault, but it was a turning point in the recent history of the middle east. The Iran-Iraq war which followed shortly would have been a whole different affair had the much wealthier Iran not lost international favour and the U.S hadn’t bolstered Iraq’s military. One million people dead, one egomaniacal Iraqi in power and one very proud but isolated nation later and you have the precursor to the shitstorm of this century.

I had heard stories of people having cameras confiscated and film ripped out, but christ, how could i not take this? What a horrible, disgusting relationship expressed so brutally.

Your cheating spouse may not be living up to your expectations of how he or she should act after being caught having an affair. If your spouse is not showing any outward signs of guilt, you may conclude that he is not feeling any guilt or remorse or is incapable of any such feelings. This may or may not be the case as there might be certain barriers standing in the way, which need to be taken down before healing your relationship after cheating can take place.

Disloyal spouse has no clear sense of what marital unfaithfulness is

Your wayward spouse may rationalize that he or she did nothing wrong because they did not have a physical relationship with the other person. Some people don’t view emotional affairs as real affairs. The reality is that your partner’s intimate relationship (whether emotional or physical) with someone other than you was or is draining the life from your marriage as he pours more and more emotional energy into this person and less and less into the marriage. In addition, your spouse deliberately set out to deceive and lie to you. Your spouse not having a clear sense of what marital unfaithfulness involves becomes a barrier to repairing your relationship after cheating.

Disloyal spouse feels that they did nothing wrong

Your cheating spouse may know deep down inside that their behavior crossed the line, but still seek to justify their actions by saying for example that it was just an emotional affair or the person is just a friend. The only way to repair your relationship after cheating is for you spouse to stop avoiding the truth, own up to what he has done, change the behavior and to be held accountable.

Disloyal spouse blocks out their emotions because it is too much to deal with

A cheating spouse is still a person – a broken person at that. It takes a lot for a person to admit to the choices they’ve made and take responsibility for their behavior, swallow their pride and learn from their mistakes. So if your spouse does not seem to be affected by guilt, remorse or understanding, it could be that he is choosing to block it out because the guilty feelings is too much to deal with or he just doesn’t know what to do.

In order for you to move forward and heal your relationship after cheating, your disloyal spouse has to do the necessary work to overcome the flaw in his character, just as you also have your emotions and feelings to work through

Recovering from infidelity is possible. You can get past the cheating and build a better marriage right now and every day for the rest of your life..

There are steps you can take to help you move from the pain you are in right now to save your relationship after cheating.

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Is Your Husband Having Emotional Affairs at Work?

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Image from page 120 of “The mystic test book; or, The magic of the cards. Giving the mystic meaning of these wonderful and ancient emblems in their relationship to the heavenly bodies, under all conditions; with rules and processes for reading or delineat
Relationship Affairs
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: mystictestbookor00rich
Title: The mystic test book; or, The magic of the cards. Giving the mystic meaning of these wonderful and ancient emblems in their relationship to the heavenly bodies, under all conditions; with rules and processes for reading or delineating the emblems
Year: 1919 (1910s)
Authors: Richmond, Olney H
Subjects: Fortune-telling Card games
Publisher: Chicago, Ill
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: The Library of Congress

View Book Page: Book Viewer
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Click here to view book online to see this illustration in context in a browseable online version of this book.

Text Appearing Before Image:
es of advancement. Strength and cour-age. Overcoming of obstacles to advancement.VENUS.Feminine advancement in favor of gaining knowledge.Spiritual development or psychic powers. Representsfemale schools or gatherings.MARS.Debates. Male strength and poAver. Psychic unfoldmentand advancement. Represents male schools or gather-ings sometimes, of men, for political or other purposes.JUPITER.Councils and meetings for financial consideration of ques-tions. Power and knowledge, applied to some moneymaking scheme or business. SATURN.Power to overcome illness or trouble, through knowledgeand development. Recovery of a friend who has been ill.Good news from a sick acquaintance.URANUS.Meetings and gatherings of persons for the considerationof questions connected with labor. Power and knowl-edge of business or labor. News regarding real estate.NEPTUNE.Knowledge of matters connected with travel or water.Ability to succeed in such avocations as come underthat head. Ite |ft|iite GRAND SPREAD,SOLAR.

Text Appearing After Image:
118 THE MYSTIC TEST BOOK. SOLAR VALUE, 22. SPIRIT VALUE, 42. ASTRAL NUMBER, 24926. MERCURY.A sudden disappointment and bad news. Knowledge of adissatisfying nature. A sudden dislike. Discourage-ment caused by antagonism to you.VENUS.Disappointment regarding a personal friend; usually afemale, under this planet. Disappointment in gainingknowledge. Friendly antagonism to your projects.MARS.Dislike, distaste, disbelief of some person or thing you arebrought into contact with. In some cases a lawsuit.Disappointment caused by lack of knowledge.JUPITER.Discontent with ones pecuniary affairs. News of moneymatters, that is disappointing to you. With 7 d, loss ofproperty by the disappointment.SATURN.Disappointment, discontent or some disquieting feelingcaused by illness of self or some one connected with you.Disappointment in gaining knowledge; caused by illness.URANUS.Disappointment connected with ones business or labor. Insome cases a wish to change avocation. Psychic experi-ence of a disapp

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Emotional affairs at work are getting very common nowadays. A recent study showed that about 70 percent of employed men are having an affair in their workplace. But this does not mean that you allow your husband to have this type of affair. In fact, you should act quickly because emotional infidelity usually leads to a sexual affair if not stopped right away.

Emotional infidelity occurs when a spouse, usually the husband, becomes emotionally attached or develops an emotional bond with another person in the opposite sex. They start sharing secrets, discover new things together and they enjoy spending time with each other. Your husband may even talk about things that he is not comfortable talking with you.

Even if there is really no physical intimacy between the two, emotional infidelity can ruin marriages because of the trust issues. There will be a lot of lying, deception and dishonesty. Faith is one of the foundations of a relationship and when this is violated, your marriage could go downhill.

Experts also believe that emotional infidelity is harder to stop. This is because emotional attachment is stronger than physical attraction. To some women, they even think that an emotional affair is worse than one-night stands. It is very devastating because it involves affection and a betrayal of the love.

Most of the time, the husband has no intention of cheating or to have emotional affairs at work. In fact, a survey on husbands who had an emotional affair shows that they even feel guilty and tried their best to stop it. But the problem is that a person’s feelings do not just go away over night. Getting over an emotional affair is a long and tedious process.

Emotional affairs at work happen because this is where men spend most of their time during the day. Yes, they spend more time with their office mates than with their family. They talk about their problems, they share ideas, and they even have lunch together. Initially, these are just innocent and friendly acts. But along the way, an emotional attachment begins to develop with and this is how emotional affairs at work usually begin.

Another reason why emotional affairs at work are very common is that your husband is surrounded by people he has similar interests with. They share the same passion and they have similar way of thinking. They easily become close with each other because they share common desires and goals.

Emotional affair is considered cheating because it involves lies, secrecy and intimacy. If your husband is doing things that he does not want you to see or know, then it is in some way a form of cheating. Deception is one of the key elements in cheating. The worse part about it is when your husband tries to deny the affair.

Aside from the workplace, the Internet is also a common place where infidelity occurs. Your husband could be mingling with an old friend, a colleague, or just anybody online. Technology can connect people wherever they are located and some websites offer services that could be used for emotional cheating.

Emily Atkins is a well-known writer and researcher about marriage problems. With the right approach and attitude, you can end your husband’s emotional affair and get him back. Visit EMOTIONAL AFFAIRS AT WORK and download the 7-Part Survive an Affair course for free.

In long-term relationships, we often expect our beloved to be both best friend and erotic partner. But as Esther Perel argues, good and committed sex draws on two conflicting needs: our need for security and our need for surprise. So how do you sustain desire? With wit and eloquence, Perel lets us in on the mystery of erotic intelligence.

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No Strings Dating – The Holy Grail Of Extra Marital Affairs

No matter what the people who support the institution of marriage might say, the realities of the world exhibit a completely different picture. 8 out of 10 marriages end in a divorce and almost 70% of them have one or the other spouse engaging himself or herself in an extra marital affair. Perhaps it is true that man is not a monogamous animal at all. It is in out nature to cheat. Whatever the reason behind it may be, one thing is for certain – you won’t be able to avoid it. The choice of being in a relationship outside of your marriage will definitely present itself to you at some or the other point in your life.

There are just so many reasons why people begin to look for a relationship outside of marriage. But as it often happens, the facts exhibit one reason to be the most prominent of all – the need for better sex! It is one of our most carnal needs, one of our most innate desires. The requirement of a healthy, active and interesting sexual life is more or less hard wired into our brains. And that means that you will begin to tire out of your marital sexual relationship sooner or later, unless you find a way to keep things spiced up.

Again the sad reality is, even though we all are aware of the need to have an interesting and upbeat sexual life, the problem is, no many of us are able to deliver to these expectations. In most marriages, the flame and passion fizzes out after a while. But that need for sex, better sex still remains behind. And it is THIS that pushes people towards extra marital affairs.

A word of advice-

If you are sure that the sexual life of your marriage has run its course and that you are prepared to give up on it..If you are sure that it is only sex that you are after from your affair.. If you are thinking about going for it, getting involved with someone outside your marriage.. consider getting into a no strings dating affair – they are completely worth the effort.

What sets these relationships apart is the no-strings, no-expectations commitment. These affairs are just about the sex, no strings attached. One night stands are the way to go for people who want to spice up their sexual life. You are not expected to be emotionally present for your partner. You are not expected to fulfill any sort of promises or make any sort of commitments. Everything here is about having a good experience for one night and then moving forward without looking back.

Just be upfront with what you want! Tell your partner exactly what you are looking for, exactly what you are into.. And what you will have is an experience that will bring the spice back into your life. And you don’t need to give up your marriage either.
http://www.affairsanddating.co.uk/ might be a good place to begin hunting for a no strings attached partner. Have fun!

About The Author

Charlotte Cook is an expert on the topic of adult online dating and writes many advice columns and articles on the topic, helping people survive in the changing dynamics of this world and having unforgettable experiences along the way.

Scope Of Married Affairs

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a v a l o n (VIII)
Relationship Affairs
Image by Jose Luis Mieza Photography
Listen Santiago Denis Quinn (Asha)

British-born new age composer Asha displayed a talent and a passion for writing music even during early childhood. He began writing simple songs at the age of three, a passion that evolved into a love affair with the radio. Inspired by Radio Luxembourg playing Buddy Holly, Van Morrison, and Leonard Cohen, Asha began writing folk and protest songs in his teens. Upon discovering his spiritual path in his early twenties, he turned to a more open compositional style, approaching composition and music as pure emotion, choosing lyrical content later on. Though unable to read or write music, Asha produced pieces that often involved elaborate orchestration. Drawing influence from classical composers such as Vivaldi and Pachelbel, as well as folk music styles from the British Isles, South America, and the Middle East, he created a sound that resonated deeply with his audiences. Asha’s relationship with New World Music (a label stemming from the mind-body-spirit healing tradition) began in the early ’90s — his prolific career with the label produced more than 15 records in as many years, and his albums have become meditation and relaxation mainstays the world over. Asha continues to compose and record, in addition to studying Jungian psychology and offering various services in spiritual guidance.

In WordPress In Blogger photo.net/photos/Reinante/ In Onexposure

The subject on married affairs embraces a very broad scope concerning two individuals who are bound for life by reason of marriage. The scope of married affairs is centered on the family and the relationship among its members. These are situations, conditions, events, things and activities related to a husband-and-wife relationship.

There are certain situations that concern the children but parents must handles for these are married affairs. The father and mother also marry the problems of the family and their conjugal relation as well. It is important to have a strong family union in order to survive the struggles of life. Every member of the family has his or her own individual role to play in order to maintain harmony and stronger ties among themselves.

The romantic entanglements of the yesteryears must be rekindled and the children are the best vehicles to this path. They are already involved with the married affairs of their parents. Your matured children can already help you in some married affairs especially if the also involve them. Sometime, when people are together for some long years they find each other or one of them finds the other a bore.

There are people who strongly believe that the person with whom you committed to give yourself for life is the same person you will meet in your next life. The kind of life that you have in this resent time will be carried over in your next lifetime. It may take eons before you can be reunited after this present life but the same story line will manifest when the two meet again some time in some new place. Marriage is not a game, but a lifetime commitment.

If you do not believe in an after-life, you must try to handle your marital relationship with care for this can be the best that has happened to you in this current lifetime. If you believe in reincarnation, you must make the best and the most you can of your marriage. The handling of issues concerning marriage is truly complicated for there are things that are not known to outsiders, that only the couple knows as they concern married affairs.

You are happy to hear that once you are married, you have Married Affairs . Most marriages work because there is mutual respect and understanding on both parties. As the saying goes, it takes two to make a relationship work to the fullest. Simply visit this site at http://www.relationshiptrust.com to know more about it.

Top 10 shocking teacher – teacher love affairs
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The relationship between a teacher and a student is supposed to be innocent where the teacher is in charge and the student follows directions. But with the evolution of a corrupt society, this relationship is not so pure anymore and there have been plenty of teachers who have sullied their relationships with their students. Since school was even an institution that was required for young people, there have been several hundred teachers who have violated the rules by violating their own students. Whether it was seduction or true love, these teachers crossed the line and had love affairs with their students, even with some that were so young that they didn’t realize what they were doing.
There have even been some teacher-student love affairs that have taken place between a young teacher and an older student who was on the brink of adulthood, and all the couple had to do was wait until graduation day. One of the most infamous teacher-student affairs was Mary Kay Latourneau, who ended up having a few children with her student, who she ended up marrying after her time in prison was up. The complications of a teacher-student relationship may be hard to understand, especially when the consequences are so dire and can ruin people’s lives.
Here are some shocking teacher-student love affairs and made headlines around the world. Whether the student was younger, the teacher was older, the couple was really in love, or it was a short lived fling, these affairs definitely crossed the line and violated some major rules in education.

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Why Do You Believe That Colorado Public Affairs Officers Have Tedious Jobs

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Relationship Affairs
Image by mrbill78636
… Love at first sight; yes, a classic example of that strange ritual called "love at first sight." But what was wrong? She was the right woman, she knew it and he knew it. He was the right man, he knew it and she knew it.

So, what was wrong? THE ADDRESS, 10 Downing St. THAT WAS WHAT WAS WRONG ….

This plot alone could have been a separate movie, in fact there have been several already, using the office of president of the US instead of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Love Actually is actually ten movies rolled into one.

David and Natalie
Karen’s brother, the recently elected British Prime Minister David (Hugh Grant), is young, handsome, and single. Natalie (Martine McCutcheon) is a new junior member of the household staff at 10 Downing Street and regularly serves his tea and biscuits. Something seems to click between them, but with the exception of some mild flirting, neither pursues the attraction. When the President of the United States (Billy Bob Thornton) pays a visit, his conservative attitude and flat refusal to relax any joint-policies which might leave Britain at a disadvantage leave his advisors stymied. It is only after David walks in to find the President attempting to seduce Natalie that he stands up for the UK at a nationally televised press conference, saying Britain is a great country for things like William Shakespeare, Harry Potter, the Beatles and David Beckham’s right foot ("David Beckham’s left foot, come to that"), and openly chides the President by saying that "a friend who bullies us is no longer a friend." Concerned that his affections for Natalie are affecting his political judgment, David asks for her to be "redistributed." Later, while looking through a sampling of Christmas cards, David comes across a card signed "I’m actually yours. With Love, Your Natalie." Encouraged by this he sets out to find her. However, he knows only the name of her street not her full address. After much doorbell ringing, including a ring at Mia’s house, David eventually finds Natalie at her family’s home. Hoping to have some time with Natalie, David offers to drive everyone to the local school for the play, the same one in which his niece and nephew are appearing (as he realises only when his sister, Karen – still unsteady from her recent discovery of her husband’s suspected affair – spots him and thanks him for finally managing to come to a family function). The two watch the show from backstage, and their budding relationship is exposed to the audience when a curtain at the rear of the stage is raised during the big finale and David and Natalie are caught in a passionate kiss. Undeterred, they smile and wave.

When you hear the term Colorado public affairs officer what is your initial inclination that comes to mind? For some people they automatically think that a public affairs officer is there specifically to assist them. However, these officers actually have a long line of duties that they have to extend to everyone.

If you are unfamiliar with the term public affairs, allow us to explain. The term public affairs in laments terms is used to describe an organization and their relationship to the stockholders of their specific firm.

A public affairs officer does not have a simple job. It is their duty to ensure that stockholders comprehend the polices of a specific organization and they are the ones that must provide information to stockholders about different outside elements that can end up impacting their organization.

The work of a public affairs official combines government regulations, media communications and strategic communications advice. All in all, the Colorado public affairs department deals with a lot of things when it comes to showcasing their organization and reaching out to the community.

It is the public affairs officers job to actively keep the public and any other counterparts involved with the organization well informed about all organizational practices. They work to build strong relationships within the organization as a whole and amongst the stockholders that have a stake in the current organization.

However, one thing that companies need to realize is without the undeniable encouragement from the public they would perish. A Colorado public affairs officer will ensure that your company is reaching out to the public in the means that it is supposed to. As a business owner, all you have to do is reap the benefits of your business.

There are local agencies that work specifically to keep the public and other agencies in the know. Colorado public affairs and Colorado public relations keep the public informed every day. Hear more about these offices now.

Danny Ayalon speaks about how the new governing regime in Turkey dramatically worsened Israel’s relationship with one of her few non-Arab neighbours. Current Affairs | J-TV
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Emotional Affairs – Getting Help From Marriage Therapists

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Andrew Wyeth – “Braids” (1979)
Relationship Affairs
Image by Mia Feigelson Gallery
"Braids" (1979)
By Andrew Wyeth, from Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, US (1917 – 2009)
– dry brush, watercolor –
Sitter. Helga Testorf (b. 1939)
© Andrew Wyeth
The Helga Pictures are a series of more than 240 paintings and drawings of German model Helga Testorf (born c. 1933 or c. 1939) created by Andrew Wyeth (1917–2009) between 1971 and 1985. Testorf was a neighbor of Wyeth’s in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, and over the course of fifteen years posed for Wyeth indoors and out of doors, nude and clothed, in attitudes that reminded writers of figures painted by Botticelli and Édouard Manet. To John Updike, her body "is what Winslow Homer’s maidens would have looked like beneath their calico."
Explaining the series, Wyeth said, "The difference between me and a lot of painters is that I have to have a personal contact with my models…. I have to become enamored. Smitten. That’s what happened when I saw Helga."He described his attraction to "all her German qualities, her strong, determined stride, that Loden coat, the braided blond hair". Art historian John Wilmerding wrote, "Such close attention by a painter to one model over so long a period of time is a remarkable, if not singular, circumstance in the history of American art". For art critic James Gardner, Testorf "has the curious distinction of being the last person to be made famous by a painting".
Born in Germany, Helga entered a Prussian Protestant convent chosen by her father in 1955. After becoming seriously ill she left the convent and lived in Mannheim, where she studied to be a nurse and a masseuse. In 1957, she met John Testorf, a German-born, naturalized American citizen, whom she married in 1958. By 1961 they were living in Philadelphia, where she worked in a tannery, but they soon moved to Chadds Ford. There she raised a family that would grow to include four children, and acted as caretaker to farmer Karl Kuerner, an elderly neighbor who was a friend and model for Wyeth.
Wyeth asked Testorf to model for him in 1971, and from then until 1985 he made 45 paintings and 200 drawings of her, many of which depicted her nude. The sessions were a secret even to their spouses. The paintings were stored at the home of his student, neighbor and good friend, Frolic Weymouth. When the existence of the pictures was made public images of Testorf graced the covers of both Time and Newsweek magazines. Testorf, although flattered by the paintings, was upset by the publicity and controversy they provoked. Although Wyeth denied that there had been a physical relationship with Testorf, the secrecy surrounding the sessions and public speculation of an affair created a strain in the Wyeths’ marriage.
Well after the paintings were finished, Testorf remained close to Wyeth and helped care for him in his old age

Copyright (c) 2012 Paul Ruffilio

One of the challenges of marriages in our day is dealing with circumstances that want to break it up. When we talk about things that can breakup a marriage, we all know a couple of these. We can unanimously put infidelity at the top of this list. It is however important to note that infidelity starts gradually. I therefore want to address its origin.

It is practically unbelievable for someone to say they suddenly got caught up in infidelity. It’s generally a gradual process that eventually leads to an affair. The most important thing is to find out how it comes about. When we understand the root cause, we can address the issue from the root.

One thing that I’ve found to be very destructive is emotional affairs. Emotional affairs appear harmless and innocent. People think they are really harmless because it’s emotional intimacy without a matching physical intimacy. So long as this relationship is not with your partner, it’s really dangerous since it is only a matter of time before there’s a longing for physical intimacy. If you let it progress and then result in an affair, people around would see it as a surprising occurrence.

One thing you can start doing is to take a careful look at the manner in which your relate with that colleague of yours you enjoy relating with. Granted that your relationship might just be restricted to conversations, calls and maybe texts. You however need to examine the content of these correspondence. Here’s a simple litmus test. Can you let your spouse hear your conversations or find the text messages you exchange with that person? Just in case you won’t have those conversations if your spouse was there or if you would erase the messages so your spouse does not find them, you need to be aware that you’re likely guilty.

If you give it some thought, you would see that extramarital affairs mostly starts with a person paying a lot of attention to another. A person feels close or appreciated by someone other than their partner. This is emotional affairs and is normally the start. If we’re more understanding of this and avoid emotional affairs, we would have reduced cases of extramarital affairs.

One critical thing to know is the perils of taking your marital challenges to others for answers. Your determination to fix your marriage by internally gives you little or no time to get involved in emotional affairs.

It is very critical that you take care of the way you go through as you try to repair your marriage. Some folks have actually fallen victim of emotional affair and then on to extramarital affairs because they were attempting to fix their marriage.

There are instances of people who started talking to someone about their marital problems only for them to begin to get intimate with the individual. You can find yourself involved in emotional affair before you are aware of it. You need to seriously watch out for this.

The person you can take your marriage challenges to is a certified marriage therapist. With a marriage therapist, you know you’re in qualified hands and can receive the assistance you require.

No matter how it comes, don’t allow yourself be trapped in an emotional affair. You now know the perils of emotional affairs.

The transition from emotional affairs to extramarital affairs is usually really gradual. Don’t be a victim.

Coping With Extra Marital Affairs

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Tunisia Staff Ride – U.S. Army Africa Soldiers apply WWII North Africa campaign lessons to current mission – May 2010
Relationship Affairs
Image by US Army Africa
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U.S. Army Africa Soldiers apply lessons of WWII to current mission

By Rick Scavetta, U.S. Army Africa

KAIROUAN, Tunisia – Col. Stephen Mariano looked down into a foxhole carved atop a rocky hill top near El Guettar, where in March 1943, troops from U.S. Army II Corps battled German panzers.

Nearby, retired Army Col. Len Fullenkamp conjured tales of U.S. Army Rangers under Lt. Col. William Darby marching through darkness along a nearby ridge to surprise sleeping enemy infantrymen with fixed bayonets. Soldiers from the 1st Infantry Division hacked fighting positions from solid rock as enemy tanks rumbled into the valley. U.S. Army artillery units skimmed shells across the desert at approaching German armor.

Mariano began to wonder, “Had my grandfather dug one of these foxholes? Was his artillery position somewhere nearby? Did he fire on Germans coming through this gap?”

Mariano, 45, of Redlands, Calif., was among several U.S. Army Africa officers who took part in a four-day “staff ride,” – onsite discussions of Tunisia’s World War II battlefields geared toward finding insights into U.S. Army Africa’s present challenge – building cooperative relationships with African land forces to increase security, stability and peace in the region.

In late 1942, U.S. forces landed in North Africa with British troops. Their first fights were with Vichy French units, who later joined the Allied cause. Together, they pushed east into Tunisia, where they clashed with German and Italian troops among craggy, cactus-covered hills and washed out wadis.

As a U.S. Army Africa’s strategic planner, a look back at the alliance between American, British and French forces offered Mariano a glimpse at an international coalitions’ growing pains and how friction between partners can doom a mission. On a more personal level, the staff ride allowed him to recapture his family’s past.

Henry Mariano, Sr., was a sergeant with the 2nd Battalion, 62nd Armored Field Artillery Regiment who survived combat in North Africa, Italy and France before being wounded during the Battle of the Bulge in Belgium.

“This staff ride is a historic event, on a historic event, separated by 67 years,” Mariano said. “To be here, where my grandfather was, is pretty powerful to me.”

The tour began May 27 outside Sidi Bou Zid, where U.S. forces suffered a horrible defeat in mid-February 1943. They stopped for the evening in Gafsa, a city in Central Tunisia that changed hands between Allied and Axis forces several times during the campaign.

The second day, they focused on the Allied defeat at Kasserine Pass, followed by the U.S. Army’s first solid gains against veteran German troops in the counterattack at El Guettar. The next day, U.S. Army Africa Soldiers ventured east to focus on British Gen. Bernard Montgomery’s attempt to punch through Axis defenses at the coastal town of Enfidaville, roughly 40 miles southeast of Tunis.

Perched on a craggy knoll near Takrouna, Col. David Buckingham, U.S. Army Africa’s senior operations officer, bent the spine of Atkinson’s book, deep in thought about how for two days in mid-April 1942, New Zealanders came to death grips with Italian defenders in the limestone foothills outside Enfidaville.

Afterward, they paid respects to French and British Commonwealth troops buried nearby.

“Tying this staff ride together with Memorial Day, taking time to better understanding leadership and feel the sacrifice of our soldiers, has been both poignant and educational,” Buckingham said.

At each stop, officers thumbed through worn copies of Rick Atkinson’s “An Army At Dawn,” at their hip as Fullenkamp spoke of the bravery, heroics, ingenuity, lunacy and debacles of the North African campaign. After discussions, they poked through thorn bushes and cacti along the rocky terrain, searching for battlefield remnants.

At El Guettar, Maj. Gen. William B. Garrett III, commander of U.S. Army Africa, found a tin C-ration can and passed it to his senior logistics officer, Col. Mike Balser. Others found shards of shells and bullet casings. Lt. Col. David Konop, the command’s public affairs officer, found a link from a 30-caliber machine gun belt.

It was hard to not be overwhelmed in the presence of such history, to walk this consecrated ground, Fullenkamp said.

Like the 34th Infantry Division, they climbed the hills near Fondouk Pass. They stood in the cold rain below Longstop Hill, just as the U.S. Army’s 1st Battalion, 18th Infantry Regiment had when they relieved the 2nd Battalion of the British Coldstream Guards, around Christmas 1942.

The U.S. Army Africa tour wrapped up in the Tunisian capital, Tunis, the prize the Allies had fought seven months to pry away from German control. The Soldeirs took part in a May 31 Memorial Day ceremony at the North Africa American Cemetery and Memorial near Carthage, Tunisia.

All agreed that their experience in Tunisia was unlike walking the U.S. battlefield of Gettysburg, tracing the footsteps of Pickett’s men from Spangler’s Woods to the Emmitsburg Road. Nor was it like stepping from the shores of Normandy onto Omaha beach’s Dog Green sector on D-Day staff rides.

This tour was focused on lessons the U.S. Army learned over the course of a seven-month campaign across North Africa.

“No one’s ever done something like this, in this context, before. We’re using the book ‘An Army At Dawn’ and we are an Army Service Component Command at dawn,” Mariano said. “That’s the connection. It’s brilliant. “

Early on, Garrett challenged his staff to ask tough questions along the way and encouraged them to discuss tactical operations, but also look for insights into overall strategic goals. In North Africa, U.S. Army leaders found innovative ways to grow and succeed against often-insurmountable odds, he said.

“Talking about the past, in the present, that’s what this is about,” Garrett said. “This staff ride is simply a mechanism, a tool for helping us think about the challenges leaders faced in Africa during World War II and applying insights to our present focus.”


U.S. Army photo by Rick Scavetta
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Marital affairs which are out of the context of marriage are among the common problems that married men and women have to deal with accordingly. But certainly it is not an easy thing to deal with for varied reasons. Many couples especially in this modern society are hounded by this kind of problem. It is fortunate that many of them have somehow surpassed and withered it while others are not that lucky enough to sustain the trial.

Extra marital affairs are indeed so disastrous to have caused a lot of marriage go awry and eventually ending up with couples damping each other simply for an intruder. Affairs outside marriage should not have wrecked this much havoc if couples are sober enough in addressing the problem. If all married couples are having much knowledge and sobriety in dealing with this problem then there would not have been broken marriages including the bad products of it.

With this premise it is really important for married couples to deal extra marital affairs with more sobriety and diplomacy. Of course there are certain factors that would surely keep you on the right track in having to deal with extra marital affairs. Yes, it is true that this is easier said than done but for certain it can be made possible especially if you would really want to make it happen in that manner.

You can have these needed knowledge from either marriage counselors or relationship gurus. These people can help you make the right move in the time and place. Aside from being sober and diplomatic, you should be able to equip yourself with much knowledge on how to cope with extra marital affairs in a more civil manner.

Whether you have to deal this problem by yourself or with the help of some experts on the matter is no big deal. You do not need to be always in a fighting stance to deal this problem. What is really important is for you to be able to handle the matter well and with all sobriety. Being calm and having a great amount of patience will surely help you to cope with extra marital affairs.

It can be painful and devastating when you discover that your partner is having extra Marital Affairs . This may have lead to some shortcomings between one of the couple but whatever that is, you should be able to handle situations as this. This might lead to inevitable fights and even break-ups which could be disastrous for the kids.

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Relationship Affairs
Image by 1st BCT, 1st CD
PORT OF KLAIPEDA, Lithuania – Bradley Fighting Vehicles, Strykers, Humvees, Armored Personnel Carriers, HEMTT Fuel trucks, and other U.S. Army tactical vehicles were offloaded here and transferred to rail lines Sept. 30 – Oct. 1 for transport to locations around the Baltic nations as part of joint exercises between the Texas-based 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, and the host nations of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The U.S. Army Europe-led Atlantic Resolve, a multinational combined arms exercise involving the 1st BCT, 1st Cav. Div., and host nations, takes place across Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland to enhance multinational interoperability, to strengthen relationships among allied militaries, to contribute to regional stability and to demonstrate US commitment to NATO. (U.S. Army photos by Staff Sgt. Keith Anderson, 1st BCT, 1st Cav. Div. Public Affairs)

In spite of all your efforts to stop a break up and patch up again with your exwife, you might be in reality precipitating the crisis. You could well be stifling the state of affairs even further instead of winning back your ex-lover’s heart.

Are you committing any of these ten breakup blunders?

The first is when you tell your ex lover the big mistake he or she is making by calling it quits. This won’t cause them to hesitate and think it over, instead they will think about what a error it was to get romantically involved with you in the beginning.

Give A Telephone Just When The Relationship Has Broken.

Your ex has finished with you and this should make you realize that they need some space right now and the last thing they need is to listen to you.

Drunk Dialing

Alcohol can play havoc with your emotions right now as soon after a few drinks you feel like to talking to your ex.

When you leave desperate e-mails and hordes of messages on voice mail This truly won’t help your situation and will in all probability just make affairs worse.

Showing your feelings of loneliness and depression to your ex-partner since the breakup Perhaps you are thinking that you are likeable to your lost lover softer emotions, but actually you are showing to be exceedingly intense and showing signs of complete desperation. Psychologically speaking this type of behavior is termed as ‘manipulative’ and could throw a stick badly in any relationship.

Discussing the breakup and bringing back bad incidents of the past where there were crucial conflicts or fights. Perhaps you do get yourex’s attention and get them to speak to you but is this the best use of your precious contact time? It really is being somewhat immature and actually isn’t going to get you where you need to go plus it just keeps you lost in the past instead.

Confirming your never ending love through persistent affirmations. Even if you think that your ex lover doesn’t realise how much you really love them, evidently that is not the issue right now or they would not have left. It is now time to take a fresh stock ofyour position and start to follow back steps to see what exactly is wrong with the relationship rather than believe that your earnestness would win over the situation.

Forever saying how sorry you are It is possible that you hurt your partner like seeing someone else or not living by your commitment. Saying sorry would be the right thing to do, but you have to know the proper way to make an impressive apology and rarely anyone knows how to do this. Naturally never ask to be pardoned all too soon. However, if you didn’t do something that warrants an apology, then you are compromising yourself and this isn’t an winning trait in anyone.

Fruitlessly Trying To Make Them Feel Jealous

Ok, this may work at the beginning for some intellectual reason, and maybe a little bit won’t harm as people incline to need what they can’t have, but it still won’t change the grounds for the break up in the first place. If all your efforts to win your ex lover back is based on the route of exploitative strategies, it would ultimately result in the relationship growing very warped and would be difficult to keep it running for long.

Praying With Them To Help You Come Back

I’ll let you in on a little secret here. Those individuals who are emotionally healthy would never require someone so desperately that they would give away their self respect to try and get them back by begging. Now that you know what bloomers to avoid when trying to win back your partner back it’s time to get a better perspective on where the relationship went wrong , and what needs to change and then you can begin planning a SMARTER strategy for getting your ex back.

The gurus hate it when their personal secrets about Fixing A Relationship get exposed! Now they’re fuming mad about this site Magic Of Making Up Review and trying to shut it down.

Can Your Relationship Survive This Affair?

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Relationship Affairs
Image by U.S. Army Europe
BATUMI, Georgia – A Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle is offloaded by railcar here at the Batumi port, May 5, which is receiving U.S. military equipment transported by ship from Varna, Bulgaria to support Exercise Noble Partner. Equipment included 14 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles and approximately a dozen wheeled support-vehicles. Exercise Noble Partner is a Georgian and U.S. military training exercise taking place at Vaziani Training Area, Georgia, from 11 to 25 May. This exercise is a critical part of Georgia’s training for their contribution of a light infantry company to the NATO Response Force. While Georgia is not a member of NATO, it and other NATO partners voluntarily contribute to the NRF. Exercise Noble Partner provides an opportunity to continue the U.S. training relationship with the Georgian Armed Forces as the sponsor of Georgia’s participation in the NRF. (Photo by Sgt. Daniel Cole, U.S. Army Europe Public Affairs)

I have received enough questions from people over the years asking about how to get past an affair that I wanted to write about it. There are so many intricate details of your personal relationship that factor into this decision that it is challenging to make generalizations but I will provide a list of five general steps to help you determine your best course of action in this moment.

So you’ve just learned your partner was having an affair. Whether you suspected all along and just received confirmation, or you were suddenly confronted with irrefutable evidence, you are likely hurt, disappointed, angry, and devastated. These emotions are flooding your brain with chemicals, making it difficult for you to think clearly.

Steps for Recovery:

1. Calm down so you can think clearly.

Research shows that when you are in a highly emotional state, you are unable to engage in higher order thinking. Your brain goes into reflexive mode, allowing you to either fight, flight or freeze. You need to gain control of these emotions by letting them go so you can be intentional about the decisions you need to make.

2. Get Clear about Your Options.

I always say there are three options when experiencing relationship problems–you can change it, accept it, or leave it.

1. If you want things to change, there are two ways to go about attempting this. You can attempt to change your partner into doing what you want him or her to do. Or, you can attempt to change the situation by changing yourself. You can decide to do something different, change your perceptions, or change your expectations.

2. If you decide to accept it, you need to recognize what happened, know your partner is not perfect, and then decide to move on. This option means you have given up the idea you are going to change the situation. So, again, two options exist: you accept the affair as a mistake and together decide to rebuild your relationship or you recognize your partner may always be unfaithful but you get enough other benefits from your relationship you decide you can accept infidelity.

3. If you want to leave, you can leave emotionally or physically. Emotional leaving involves staying involved on a day-to-day basis but having little to no emotional investment in the relationship. You have built a wall to protect yourself and you don’t let your partner in. The other option is to leave the relationship physically. This means you end the relationship and each go your own separate ways.

3. Once you make a decision about the direction you want to go, know that in most cases it does not have to be a permanent decision. You may choose to try changing your partner’s behavior and your own, and then later decide to leave the relationship. Or you may decide to leave the relationship emotionally, and later invest in changing your own perceptions and behavior. There are any number of possibilities.

4. After you make your decision, stay true to your desires. Don’t allow other people to sway your thinking. Remember, they are not you. They have not lived your life. They may not have the same value system you have. They can only know what’s best for them, not you. Only you can truly know whats right for you so once you get clear, stay true to your inner knowing.

5. It is always helpful to get the unbiased support you need to intentionally, consciously implement your chosen option. You may have many people who will be willing to support you in their way but their way may not be the unbiased support you need. Find someone who will support you in following through on what you want, who doesn’t already have preconceived ideas about what might be best for you. A good life coach or counselor can help you move through these steps.

Remember, if you find yourself in the situation of feeling betrayed by your life partner, you are not at the mercy of his or her actions, or your emotions. You can make conscious, intentional decisions to move yourself in the direction you most want to go.

Kim Olver is a life coach and public speaker who has a graduate degree in counseling, is a National Certified Counselor and a licensed professional counselor in two states. She has spent her entire life helping people get along better with the important people in their lives. Kim works with couples, parents and children, and individuals seeking to improve their lives. Check out her free mastermind group Inside Out Empowerment.

Causes of Marital Affairs: 5 Causes

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The answer, my friend...

Keep ahead of the wind
Relationship Affairs
Image by spodzone
You know plants have the ability to target specific threats. Tobacco plants when attacked by heliothis caterpillars will send out a chemical attracting wasps to kill just those caterpillars. We don’t know how plants obtain these abilities, they just evolve very rapidly.

Which species is doing it if you think it’s true?

Last night I watched M. Night Shyamalan’s _The Happening_, a film written for the American market[0], albeit the darker end thereof[1].

So today’s photo had me hiking hard[2] through a field in north-east Pennsylvania[3] trying to keep ahead of the wind blowing spookily in the grass.

[0] Linear plot, at least one affair de coeur, limited gore and either a happy ending or cliff-hanger

[1] it’s the cliff-hanger option

[2] car parked 30yd away

[3] or Strathrusdale, north-east Highlands

Well, you’ve got to admire the effort in taking as simple an element as the wind and attempting to make it spooky. And one can ponder at greater length mankind’s relationship with nature, how it was only with the rise of the Grand Tour and consequent (eurgh) tourists in the 18th and 19th centuries that the more raw side of landscape ceased to be scary, being regarded as beautiful instead.

If you have just found out that your spouse has been cheating on you, it is likely that you are on the lookout for answers. The emotions of hurt, anger, sadness and even fear of the future can accompany finding out about a spouse’s infidelity. You may be asking yourself: “How could he or she do this to me?”

The specific reasons for marital affairs range as far and wide as do the people who commit them. Of course, the real reasons for having affair often has to do with how the cheating spouse feels about him or herself: they may be looking for reassurance that they are still attractive and desirable. However, intertwined with this general need for excitement or reassurance is the complex of feelings they feel about their spouse (you, in this case). Often, cheating spouses feel dissatisfied with their marriage.

Here are 5 of the most common causes of marital affairs:

1. You have been taking the relationship for granted lately

If you spent the months or years before the affair began largely taking your spouse for granted, that could be one of the reasons for the affair. Of course, you would have probably not done this to your on purpose – few people do. Rather, we take someone for granted when we assume that they will always be there for us. This attitude toward your spouse can manifest in your not being polite, being good company, or spending enough quality time with him or her.

2. You treat him or her with a lack of respect and appreciation

If your spouse is one of those nice people who always seems to be doing things for everyone else but largely neglecting their own needs, you may have fallen into a pattern of treating him or her with a lack of respect and appreciation. Everyone, no matter how giving or loving, needs to feel that their good deeds are not going unnoticed.

3. You have let yourself go physically

If you have been letting yourself go over the past few years in terms of your physical appearance, that could be one of the reasons for your spouse’s affair. After a couple has been together a long time, it is easy for them to spend less time focusing on their looks. This is unfortunate, because everyone prefers more attractive over less attractive in a mate any day.

4. You have become predictable

Most marriages fall into predictable patterns. The couple engages in the same activities most nights and weekends. Watch the same TV or cable shows. Eat at the same restaurants. This pattern can apply to individuals, as well. Being predictable is one of the steps on the path to becoming boring. If your spouse was going through a time where they felt they needed more excitement in their lives but couldn’t find any with you, they may have sought the excitement elsewhere.

5. You lack new hobbies and interests

As they say, interested people are interesting. If you have kept yourself busy in your marriage with hobbies and other interests, you probably remained a very interesting person. If not, you may have lost a bit of that joy of life that was attractive to your spouse earlier on in your relationship.

Do you think that none of these are “good” reasons for an affair? I would agree with you 100%. Remember, there are no “good excuses” for having an affair – but there are reasons. And , sometimes the truth is not pretty. But, armed with the truth, you can put yourself in a much better position to mend your relationship after the affair.

Broken hearts and relationships can be mended. Check out advice from relationship gurus who have helped thousands of others regain their past love at: www.in-your-arms-again.com.

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